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Fine Dining Maître d'
at Bites & Bubbles

Welcome to Bites & Bubbles, located in the heart of the vibrant Mills 50 District at Mills Park, near Downtown Orlando, Florida. Our restaurant offers a unique dining experience, combining American contemporary cuisine with a delightful European twist. With Chef Eddie's innovative touch, our menu showcases a fusion of flavors and influences from across Europe in a relaxed, yet refined atmosphere. 

If you have a true passion for exceptional food and excellent service, we invite you to join our amazing team. We are currently seeking dedicated individuals who share our commitment to culinary excellence. Apply today by sending your resume to JOBS EMAIL or by visiting us in person Monday through Thursday between 4 PM and 5 PM at Bites & Bubbles, located in Mills Park at 1618 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803.

We eagerly await the opportunity to meet you and discuss how you can contribute to our dynamic team.

Chef Eddie & Nicholas


Job Title: Bites & Bubbles Mills Park Restaurant & Bar Maître d'


Job Summary:

As the Maître d' at Bites & Bubbles Mills Park Restaurant & Bar, you will be at the forefront of creating an exceptional dining experience for our guests. You will be a key player in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, coordinating with staff, and ensuring seamless service, all while contributing to the success of our establishment.


Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

1. Guest Relations:

   - Extend a warm welcome to guests, embodying the Bites & Bubbles hospitality.

   - Assist guests with reservations, special requests, and accommodation.

   - Address guest concerns promptly, ensuring a high level of satisfaction.


2. Reservation Management:

   - Efficiently manage reservations, optimizing table allocations in OpenTable.

   - Keep track of reservations to accommodate guests.

   - Provide recommendations for walk-in guests based on availability.


3. Staff Coordination:

   - Collaborate closely with the restaurant team for smooth operations.

   - Communicate effectively with kitchen, servers, and support staff.

   - Monitor service pace to enhance the overall dining experience.


4. Seating Assignments:

   - Allocate and manage table assignments based on reservations and walk-ins.

   - Balance server sections to ensure even workload distribution.

   - Accommodate special requests and preferences in seating arrangements.


5. Quality Control:

   - Maintain the cleanliness and organization of the front-of-house area.

   - Monitor the presentation of tables and the overall dining environment.

   - Swiftly address and resolve any issues affecting the dining experience.


6. Training and Development:

   - Train new staff on Bites & Bubbles policies, procedures, and service standards.

   - Foster a positive work environment and provide ongoing coaching to enhance team performance.


7. Administrative Tasks:

   - Keep accurate records of reservations, guest preferences, and special requests.

   - Collaborate with management to improve front-of-house processes.

   - Contribute to the development and updating of standard operating procedures.




As the Maître D' at Bites & Bubbles Mills Park Restaurant & Bar, you will receive a competitive compensation package that reflects your commitment to providing exceptional service. Your compensation includes:


1. Hourly Rate:

   - Receive a competitive hourly wage commensurate with your skills and experience.


2. Tip Out Nightly:

   - Participate in nightly tip-outs, sharing gratuities with the front-of-house staff.

   - Enjoy additional earnings based on the overall success of the dining experience.


3. Additional Benefits:

   - Take advantage of employee discounts on food and beverages.

   - Access to ongoing training and development programs to enhance your skills.


At Bites & Bubbles Mills Park, we value and appreciate the dedication of our team members. Your compensation is designed to recognize your contributions to creating memorable experiences for our guests and ensuring the success of our establishment.



- Proven experience in a similar role within the hospitality industry.

- Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills, embodying the Bites & Bubbles brand.

- Strong organizational and multitasking abilities.

- Proven ability to effectively promote, sell,  and upsell dining experiences, contributing to the overall revenue of the restaurant.

- Excellent communication and leadership skills.

- Knowledge of OpenTable reservation management software is advantageous.

- Ability to remain composed under pressure and handle challenging situations diplomatically.


Join us and be a part of a dynamic team where your skills are not only acknowledged but also rewarded and be a part of creating unforgettable dining experiences for our guests! We look forward to welcoming you to the Bites & Bubbles family!

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