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*Bites & Bubbles Menu changes daily and some items have limited availability and depend on what we get fresh that day. Please hit REFRESH on your browser to ensure the latest menu is loaded on your screen.




Bites & Bubbles - Delicious Food, Amazing Wines, Craft Cocktails and Merriment...

Bites equals Food & Bubbles equals Drink


All Cheese Boards served with appropriate accoutrements.


Wisconsin Cheese Flight – Buttermilk Blue Affinée, Red Spruce 4-yr Cheddar,  Mezzaluna Fontina, Grand Cru Alpine-Style, 6-mo Aged Gouda cheeses. 35


Halloween Cheese Flight – Chef selection of Halloween themed cheese. 45


Chipotle Garlic Cheddar Gruyere – Woodriver Creamery chipotle garlic cheddar gruyere cheese. 15


Barely Buzzed Cheddar – Beehive cow’s milk cheddar cheese rubbed with espresso & lavender. 17


Hickory Cheddar – Hoffman’s hickory smoked cheddar cheese. 15


Harlech Cheddar – Welsh cow’s milk cheddar with horseradish & parsley. 16


Ghost Pepper Monterey – Hoffman’s Monterey jack cheese with jalapeno, habanero & ghost peppers. 16


BellaVitano Black Pepper – Sartori BellaVitano cheese, cracked black peppercorns. 19


Sheep & Goat Feta – Meredith Dairy Australian sheep & goat’s milk marinated feta cheese. 18


Artikaas Gouda – Netherlands cow’s milk gouda lot 18, aged 18-months. 20


Gouda – Dutch Mill Dance Holland cow’s milk gouda. 16


Wensleydale Apricot - English cow’s milk Wensleydale Apricot Cheese. 16


Belton Farms Port Wine Derby - English Derby cheese marbled with port. 15


Willoughby – Jasper Hill Farm Vermont cow’s milk soft-ripened cheese. 19


Little Hosmer – Jasper Hill Farm Vermont cow’s milk new world-style brie, caved aged. 19


Bavarian Limburger – St. Mang Bavarian Limburger, soft-ripened bold aromatic cheese. 19


Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog - Humboldt County California goat’s milk, soft ripened goat cheese. 20


Original Blue – Point Reyes Original Blue California raw cow’s milk blue. 18


Cabrales DOP  Blue – Spanish DOP raw cow’s milk blue, cave aged 75-days. 20




1-oz. caviar chilled, served with appropriate accoutrements.


Kaluga Select Caviar – Large light brown to golden pearls with a fabulous creamy & butter flavor. 116


Amur Caviar – Amur sturgeon, large sized, firm texture, brown/gray pearls, fruity nutty flavor. 56





Pâté with Goose - Pâté with Goose foie, goose liver added to our pâté recipe. 16


Smoked Fish Dip – Smoked white fish & salmon dip, warm bread. 16


Olive Tapenade - Classic olive tapenade, assorted olives with warm bread. 15


Pimento Cheese Dip – Pimento, cheese curds, warm bread. 15





Charcuterie Grazing Board - Assorted artisanal meats, accoutrements, whim of the Chef. Perfect for sharing. 39


Escargot - Escargot, brandy mustard crème sauce, garlic. Escargot… our way. 24


Deviled Eggs – Deviled eggs, assorted toppings, whim of the Chef. A Della Nickell classic recipe. 13


Fried Goat Cheese – Panko and almond crusted goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, fruit salsa, warm bread. 16


Pistachio Crusted Mozzarella Salad – Fried pistachio crusted mozzarella cheese, greens, basil vinaigrette, blueberries, tomatoes, pear, corn nuts. 16


Sticky Chicken Legs – Asian sticky chicken leg drums. 13


Ghost Chili Meatballs – Halloween ghost chili cheese stuffed meatballs, garlic tomato sauce. 18


Spicy Shrimp Bites – Panko crusted spicy fried shrimp bites, spicy mayo sauce, sticky rice. 25


Ahi Tuna* Tostada Stack – Spicy Ahi tuna, sticky rice, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, seaweed salad. 29


Lamb Shank – Slow roasted lamb shank, natural red wine jus, whipped potatoes. 39


Beef Short Rib – Slow roasted beef short rib, natural jus, root vegetables, whipped potatoes. 39




Smash burgers are cooked through, and temperatures not taken.


The Monster Smash Burger – Two duck fat infused ground beef patties, ghost chili cheddar cheese, crispy fried jalapenos slices, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, house sauce. 18 *Add fries 5.99


Cheeseburger in Paradise – Two duck fat infused ground beef patties, house made ketchup, lettuce, tomato, red onions, American cheese, pickles. RIP Jimmy Buffett 15 *Add fries 5.99


Chef’s Burger – Two duck fat infused ground beef patties, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, house sauce, pickles. 18 *Add fries 5.99


Funky Monkey Burger – Two duck fat infused ground beef patties, fried goat cheese crusted with almonds & panko, tomato jam. 19 *Add fries 5.99


Beef Sliders – Trio of beef sliders, lettuce, house sauce, mozzarella, Swiss, pimento cheeses. 21 *Add fries 5.99




Tiramisu – Layers of espresso drenched lady fingers, mascarpone cream, cocoa powder. 12


Chocolate Brownie – Chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream. 12


Key Lime Pie – Graham cracker base classic Key Lime pie. 12

A 20% gratuity will be automatically included on the check for groups of six (6) or more.
At Bites & Bubbles, our pricing includes a built-in cash discount, which is reflected in the menu prices.

Please note that purchases made with a credit card or debit card will not qualify for the cash discount.

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