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All Cheese Boards served with appropriate accoutrements.


Wensleydale Apricot - English cow’s milk Wensleydale Apricot Cheese. 15


Wensleydale Cranberry - English cow’s milk Wensleydale Cranberry Cheese. 15


Wensleydale Fig & Honey - English cow’s milk Wensleydale Fig & Honey Cheese. 15


Stilton with Mango & Ginger - English white stilton with mango & ginger Cheese. 15


Montrachet Goat – Montrachet Blueberry and Vanilla Goat Cheese. 14


Sheep & Goat Feta – Meredith Dairy Australian sheep & goat’s milk marinated feta cheese. 17


Drunken Goat – Spanish semi-soft goat’s milk cheese bathed in red wine. 17


Pecorino with Truffle Boucheron – Italian sheep’s milk hard pecorino with truffles. 23


Horseradish Havarti – Wisconsin Cow’s milk Havarti cheese with horseradish, apple horseradish jam. 15


Beemster Gouda – Holland raw cow’s milk gouda cheese aged 18-months. 18


Georgian Layer - English Double Gloucester layered with blue stilton. 18


Double Gloucester - Dorchester England Double Gloucester with chive & onion. 14


Roquefort - French Roquefort cheese by Papillon, sheep’s milk blue. 15


Cambozola Black Label - Mild triple cream blue cheese, warm bread. 19


Red Dragon Cheese - English cheddar cheese with wholegrain mustard and ale. 17


Chocolate Stout Cheese - Oregon cheddar cheese with Hopworks Urban Brewery Chocolate Stout Beer. 17


Black Diamond White Cheddar – Canadian cow’s milk white cheddar. 16


Cypress Grove Purple Haze - Goat cheese with lavender and fennel pollen. 16


Champignon Mushroom - Triple cream Bavarian soft ripened cheese with mushrooms. 19


Port Salut – Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Pays de la Loire, France. 18


Red Leicester – English cow’s milk semi-hard crumbly cheese aged 6 months. 14


Saint André Cheese - French luxurious triple cream cow’s milk cheese. 18


Triple Cream Brie – Belletoile French cow’s milk triple cream brie. 15


La Tur – Italian sheep, goat & cow’s milk soft-ripened cheese. 19





Charcuterie Board - Assorted artisanal meats, accoutrements, whim of the Chef. Perfect for sharing. 38


Alligator Sausage – Alligator andouille sausage, roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic. 18


Lamb Meatballs – Free range lamb meatballs, harissa, creamy goat cheese, warm bread. 18


Smoked Duck Breast - Applewood Smoked duck breast, accoutrements. 17


Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras - Seared Hudson Valley foie gras lobe, accoutrements. 29


Mousse Truffée - Pork & Chicken Liver Mousse with Truffles. 16


Pâté de Faisan – Pheasant & pork pâté with figs, pistachios & port wine, accoutrements. 14


Mousse de Canard au Porto - Duck liver & chicken fat mousse with port wine, accoutrements. 16


Deviled Eggs – Deviled eggs, assorted toppings, whim of the Chef. A Della Nickell classic recipe. 9


Escargot - Escargot, brandy mustard crème sauce, garlic. A French classic… our way. 19


Fried Goat Cheese – Almond panko crusted goat cheese, salsa, sun-dried tomato jam, warm bread. 16


Spicy Cauliflower – Spicy cauliflower florets, summer sugar snap peas. 11


Watermelon Salad – Watermelon, blue cheese, greens, basil orange blossom honey watermelon dressing. 12


Roasted Beet Salad - Beets, mixed greens, goat cheese, tomatoes, almonds, blueberries, house dressing. 15



Pizzas & Sandwiches


Pastrami Sandwich – Pastrami on rye, mustard, pickles, house fries. 15


Mushroom Pizza – Artisanal pizza, Fungi Jon Organic Mushrooms, mozzarella. 23


Pork Pizza – Artisanal pizza, sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, fried egg. 19


Cheese Pizza – Artisanal pizza, mozzarella. 15


Elk Burger – Grilled elk burger, sun dried tomato jam, creamy Vermont goat cheese, house fries. 19


Duck Fat Burger – Double duck fat infused beef patties, Swiss cheese, lettuce, house sauce, house fries. 18





Chilean Sea Bass – Chilean sea bass, spiced lentils, sugar snap peas, preserved lemons. 47


Ahi Tuna Steak – Ahi tuna steak, Asian ginger sesame sauce, seasoned rice, chow chow cabbage. 32


Salmon Bites – Sautéed salmon filet bites, orange glaze, seasoned rice. 24


Wagyu Beef Cheeks – Wagyu beef cheeks, slow braised, root vegetables, natural jus, mashed potaotes. 32


Steak Frittes – Hanger steak, pesto, crispy French-fried potatoes, salsa. 32


Wild Boar BBQ Ribs – Slow cooked peach glazed wild boar BBQ ribs. 25


Mushroom Pasta – Fungi Jon Organic Mushrooms, fettuccine, garlic cream sauce, garlic bread. 29

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