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*Bites & Bubbles Menu changes daily and some items have limited availability and depend on what we get fresh that day. Please hit REFRESH on your browser to ensure the latest menu is loaded on your screen.


Bites & Bubbles - Delicious Food, Amazing Wines, Craft Cocktails and Merriment...

Bites equals Food & Bubbles equals Drink


All Cheese Boards served with appropriate accoutrements.

Our bread may contain nuts. Please see allergen notice at bottom of menu.


Grand Noir Blue Cheese – Bavaria, Germany cow’s milk silky blue cheese. 19


Cambozola Black Label - Mild triple cream blue cheese, aged longer than Blue Label. 20


Gorgonzola Dolce Cheese – La Bottega di BelGioioso Gorgonzola Dolce, Italian cow’s milk blue. 16


Red Dragon - English cheddar with wholegrain mustard and ale. 17


Pistachio Pecorino – Italian sheep’s milk pecorino cheese with pistachios. 19


Pepper Pecorino – Italian sheep’s milk pecorino cheese with peppers. 19


White Stilton Mango & Ginger  – English cow’s milk white stilton with mango & ginger. 14


Port Salut – Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Pays de la Loire, France. 18


Camembert – French cow’s milk La Bonne Vie Camembert cheese. 19


Saint André Cheese - French luxurious triple cream cow’s milk cheese. 18


Champignon Mushroom - Triple cream Bavarian soft ripened cheese with mushrooms. 19




1-oz. caviar chilled, served with appropriate accoutrements & vodka.


Limited Edition Diamond Ossetra Caviar – The diamond Ossetra is one of our most rare and unique caviar for which its color is piercing gold with a taste that is impeccably smooth and creamy, leaving you with your most memorable caviar experience you could imagine.  299


Kaluga Select Caviar – Large light brown to golden pearls with a fabulous creamy & butter flavor. 116


Beluga Caviar Hybrid – Beluga hybrid sturgeon, large grey pearls and full-bodied rich flavor with creamy texture and long finish. 94


Sevruga Caviar – Romanian Sevruga sturgeon, Malossol curing technique with pronounces, yet smooth flavor. 88


Royal Imperial Kaluga Caviar – Large sized light brown to golden pearls, firm texture, and creamy butter finish from the Amur River. 84


Amur Kaluga Caviar – Amur sturgeon, large sized, firm texture, brown/gray pearls, fruity nutty flavor. 60


Italian White Sturgeon Caviar – Medium sized dark gray-brown pearls, smooth nutty creamy flavor produced in Italy. 56




Our bread may contain nuts. Please see allergen notice at bottom of menu.


Charcuterie Grazing Board - Assorted artisanal meats, accoutrements, whim of the Chef, accoutrements. Perfect for sharing. 39


Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras - Seared Hudson Valley foie gras lobe, accoutrements. 24


Pork Belly – Pork belly, Cheshire bacon jam, warm bread, pancetta fried egg. 19


Chicken Wings – Traditional hot fried chicken wings, ranch, celery. 15  *Add fries 3.99


Escargot - Escargot, brandy mustard crème sauce, garlic. Escargot… our way. 24


Deviled Eggs – Deviled eggs, assorted toppings, whim of the Chef. A Della Nickell classic recipe. 13


Fried Goat Cheese – Panko and almond crusted goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, fruit salsa, warm bread. 16


Raclette Potatoes – Fried potatoes, cornichons, melted Raclette Cheese. 17


Pâté with Goose - Pâté with Goose foie, goose liver added to our pâté recipe. 16


Olive Tapenade - Classic olive tapenade, assorted olives with warm bread. 12


Smoked Salmon – Scottish smoked salmon, smoked with single malt scotch whiskey & honey, accoutrements. 17


Smoked Trout Dip – Smoked trout dip, smoked trout caviar, accoutrements. 17


Strawberries & Crème – Strawberries, warm French brie cheese, warm bread, berries, honey. 17


Beet Salad – Roasted beets, greens, mustard vinaigrette, marinated onions, goat cheese, balsamic glaze. 16


Arugula Salad – Arugula greens, lemon mustard dressing, chopped artichoke hearts, tomatoes, shaved pecorino cheese. 15


Tomato Burrata Mozzarella - Sliced heirloom tomatoes, Italian confit tomatoes, fresh burrata mozzarella, basil pesto. 15





Sausage & Pepperoni Pinza Pizza – Sausage, pepperoni, tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella cheese, Pinza crust. 23


Ahi Tuna* Tostada Stack – Spicy Ahi tuna, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, seaweed salad. 25


Snapper Piccata – Pan sautéed snapper filet, lemon, caper, butter sauce, arugula greens, carrots. 28


Salmon Burger – Ground salmon burger, chopped lettuce, old bay lemon tartar sauce. 18 *Add fries 3.99


Chef’s Burger – Two duck fat infused ground beef patties, raclette cheese, lettuce, tomato, house sauce, pickles. 15 *Add fries 3.99


Bison Burger – Ground bison burger, grande noir bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, house sauce. 17 *Add fries 3.99


Steak Frites – Medium rare grilled hanger steak, sidewinder fries, salsa, pesto. 34


Ribeye Steak – 14oz boneless ribeye, mashed potatoes, carrots. 39


BBQ Ribs – Coca-Cola, pineapple BBQ baby back ribs, sidewinder fries. 23



Pecan Pie – Deep-dish style southern bourbon pecan pie. vanilla ice cream. 12


Bananas Foster – Vanilla ice cream, bananas, butter rum banana caramel sauce. 16


Cold Buttered Rum – Butter pecan ice cream blended with Rum. 15 *Adult*


Chocolate Lava Cake – Warm chocolate lava cake, vanilla ice cream. 14


Ricotta Pistachio Cake – Ricotta cake with Italian pistachios. 13


Affogato – Mini-Bavarian cream filled bomboloni puffs, Kimbo espresso poured over, vanilla ice cream. 15


Chocolate Vanilla Bomba – Chocolate & vanilla gelato with a cherry center, in chocolate shell. 12

A 20% gratuity will be automatically included on the check for groups of six (6) or more.
At Bites & Bubbles, our pricing includes a built-in cash discount, which is reflected in the menu prices.

Please note that purchases made with a credit card or debit card will not qualify for the cash discount.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. *If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood or have immune disorders, you are at greater risk of serious illness from raw oysters and should eat oysters fully cooked. If unsure of your risk, consult a physician. *Our bread may contain nuts. If you have a nut allergy, please inform your server. *Allergy Warning: Menu items may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, nuts and milk. Ask our staff for more information. Warning: We use common fryer oil, meaning we cannot guarantee that your menu item is free of common allergens.

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