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Bites & Bubbles in the heart of the Mills 50 District at Mills Park near Downtown Orlando, Florida is an American Restaurant with a French Kiss! You will find many French influences on the menu, but with a Bites & Bubbles twist. The concept and the menu are the brainchild of Eddie Nickell and Nicholas Olivieri.


With a stylish yet relaxed atmosphere, Bites & Bubbles main dining room is designed to make you feel like you are in a quaint spot in New York City or Paris with only six tables and an expansive bar. Our covered patio and open rock garden seating provide al fresco dining, and our rooftop dining has a feel of South Beach without leaving Orlando! All dining areas offer our full dinner menu, extensive wine list and amazing craft cocktails.


Bites & Bubbles is a throwback to dining in America… in 1960 most Americans would tell you they didn't like or eat French food, only “American” food. For all intents and purposes the only place you seemed to find French restaurants was New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. French restaurants were expensive and very "fancy" with white tablecloths and waiters in tuxedos. The rest of America had "American" restaurants which had French chefs or chefs that were French trained, so the food was influenced with the style and ingredients.


In 1962 Julia Child got a show on Public Broadcasting in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Americans started to take notice... by 1965 Julia Child was broadcasting in 96-cities throughout America. By the late 60's Americans realized that they did, in fact, like French food and wanted more of it. In the 70's many of the "American" restaurants with French or French trained chefs transitioned to French restaurants and in short order they too went the way of the white tablecloth with waiters in tuxedos! Bites & Bubbles pays homage to 1960 dining where there are French influences on the food without being a stuffy and pretentious!


Our menu changes often, depending on what Chef Eddie can get in fresh for the day rather than buying for the week. Bites & Bubbles has influences of French, traditional American, and even some Italian favorites with an extensive wine list and full bar. Bites & Bubbles menu has a broad international cheese selection, large "tapas" style selection (smaller portion items that are perfect for a light bite or to share) as well as an entrée selection.

Bites & Bubbles is a Family Business where you will find Eddie in the kitchen cooking and Nicholas in the dining room hosting you while you dine with us. We look forward to serving you at Bites & Bubbles and thank you for supporting local, independently owned, and operated businesses like Bites & Bubbles.


About us:

Eddie started in the hospitality industry when he was 14 years old at a Howard Johnson’s Restaurant in Ohio. After school Eddie joined the Marriott International team in Dayton, Ohio where he worked until he was offered a position with a prestigious French Restaurant. Much of his adult career was in French, fine dining restaurants including L’Auberge (4-Star, 4-Diamond) in Dayton, Ohio, The Down Under (4-Star, 5-Diamond) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and La Ville Maison (5-Star, 5-Diamond) in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2007 Eddie ventured out to open his own restaurant and bought a building on Mills Avenue as “home base” for his creations. Since 2007 Eddie has created some amazing concepts that he has developed and sold from Asian-Fusion to American Diner Cuisine, but always wanting to get back to his roots of the French cuisine! Welcome to Bites & Bubbles, an American Restaurant with a “French Kiss” where Eddie’s passion for food is translated to an eclectic menu that changes often, sometimes daily. Eddie looks forward to preparing a meal for you at Bites & Bubbles.


Nicholas started in the hospitality industry almost 30-years ago at the direction of his partner Eddie Nickell. Nicholas ran restaurants from Dayton, Ohio to Fort Lauderdale, Florida before going into the hotel industry joining the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Nicholas and Eddie returned to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when Nicholas joined the Marriott International team at Marriott’s Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. Working in the hotel industry in many positions from restaurant manager to director of sales before retiring from Marriott International and The Ritz-Carlton in 2010 to join forces with Eddie in their own restaurants. Nicholas can be found most nights in the dining room at Bites & Bubbles on Mills Avenue at Mills Park.


We look forward to serving you at Bites & Bubbles!

Bon appetite,



Eddie “Bites” & Nick “Bubbles”

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Chef Penek “Yao” Gosuwin

My path in the culinary world started when I was young. Growing up in the country side of the mountainous region of Northern Thailand, everything was made from scratch, locally farmed and harvested. I would often time find myself in the kitchen assisting my late grandmother making our favorite family dishes. In 1995, my family uprooted to America on a whim of a better opportunity for ourselves and the future. Being away from my home country, my passion for food never stopped. I pursued the career in the culinary field professionally late high school year and have not stopped since. I studied and graduated top of my class at Le Cordon Bleu and was a part of many successful concepts too many to list. I’ve done countless of charitable events and restaurant openings. With more than 16 years of experience in the food scene, I’ve held almost all positions in the kitchen such as Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, and Area Culinary Director. Being mainly in the corporate structured concepts in my years and spending countless hours working, I’ve decided to take a different path of restaurant scene and join the delightful Bites and Bubble as their Chef de Cuisine. Privately owned and run by some of the best people I’ve ever met with a stylish high quality offerings that will leave an awesome impression on all diners.

Now that I am a father to my beautiful 4 year old daughter, Sanaya. I am able to continue on with my culinary passion and have an unbelievable work life balance that most chefs fortunately do not get. One simple saying I live by for all the successes I’ve able to acquire is “Find a job you love to do ,and you will never have to work another day in your life.”

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BB Oysters
Pistaccio Crusted Mozzarella Salad
Blue Cheese Salad
Blue Cheese Salad
Coquille St Jacques
Blue Cheese Salad
Coquille St Jacque
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Raclette Burger
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Bites & Bubbles Orlando
Bites & Bubbles Orlando
Bites & Bubbles Orlando
Bites & Bubbles Orlando
Bites & Bubbles Orlando
Raclette Burger
Bites & Bubbles Orlando
Bites & Bubbles Orlando