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Food and Fashion: Stylish Dining in the Heart of Orlando

Step into a world where culinary excellence meets fashion-forward ambiance at Bites & Bubbles. Explore the stylish dining experience we offer in the heart of Orlando's Mills 50 District. From the chic interior that transports you to a quaint spot in New York City or Paris to the rooftop dining with a touch of South Beach glamour, every corner of Bites & Bubbles is designed for a fashionable culinary escapade. Join us as we celebrate the art of combining food and fashion, creating a dining experience that's not just a meal but a statement. Indulge in style at Bites & Bubbles!


Welcome to the heart of the vibrant Mills 50 District at Mills Park Orlando, where food meets fashion at Bites & Bubbles, a local, independently owned restaurant offering a unique dining experience.


A Stylish Dining Experience

At Bites & Bubbles, we believe that dining is not just about the food; it’s about the experience. Our main dining room is designed to make you feel like you’re in a quaint spot in New York City or Paris. With only seven tables and an expansive bar, the atmosphere is stylish yet relaxed.


Al Fresco Dining

For those who prefer dining outdoors, our covered patio and lanai seating provide al fresco dining. And if you’re looking for a feel of South Beach without leaving Orlando, our rooftop dining is the perfect spot.


Delicious Food and Amazing Drinks

We offer a full dinner menu, an extensive wine list, and amazing craft cocktails. Our menu changes often, depending on what Chef Eddie can get in fresh for the day. You will find influences of French, traditional American, and even some Italian favorites.


A Homage to 1960s Dining

Bites & Bubbles pays homage to 1960s dining where there are European influences on the food without being stuffy and pretentious. We believe in creating a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience for all our guests.


Join Us!

We invite you to join us at Bites & Bubbles and experience stylish dining in the heart of Orlando. Reservations are recommended. You can book online through Open Table or call us.


We look forward to serving you. Cheers to delicious food, amazing wines, craft cocktails, and merriment1!


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