Sasanian Premium Sturgeon Caviar 1 oz – Sasanian Premium Sturgeon is produced under the guidance of Caspian Fisheries and Management Authorities and their team of Artisanal Salt Masters to produce the highest-grade caviar in the world. Medium sized pearls that are jet black to dark grey, this caviar evokes a crisp and nutty taste.


Sasanian Wild America Paddlefish 1 oz – Paddlefish Caviar is comparable to Wild Caspian Sevruga Caviar in terms of looks, pearl size, and texture at a fraction of the cost. Paddlefish roe is platinum grey in color with a smooth, soft texture.


Sasanian Smoked Whitefish Caviar 2 oz – Small, crunchy golden pearls of the well-known Whitefish are smoked in a blend of Mid-Western fruit and hardwoods. This selection is known for its deep, rich aroma and smoky flavor.


Sasanian Ghost Pepper Caviar 1 oz - Our wild American Black Caviar is infused with the Ghost Pepper, which is one of the hottest peppers in the world, giving our Caviar its red-hot, spicy flavor. Don’t worry, the level of spiciness is just right.


Sasanian American Black Bowfin Caviar 1 oz – Genuine Black Caviar derived from Bowfin Fish is unmatched in quality, texture, flavor, pearl size, and overall standards that define exquisite Caviar.


Sasanian Golden Whitefish Caviar 1 oz – Small and crunchy golden pearls of Whitefish create a Caviar that is fresh and crisp.


Sasanian Alaskan Salmon Caviar 1 oz - Our Alaskan Salmon Caviar or Salmon Roe is from the most prized Chum also referred to as Keta salmon. These large, red-orange sushi grade eggs are mild, succulent, and a low salt clean salmon flavor.


Sasanian Smoked Trout Caviar 1 oz – Exquisite combination of oak and hickory smoke makes this a masterpiece of flavor. The firm and succulent pearls offer a burst of freshness, with a hint of smokiness, followed by a clean taste of the sea.

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